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SIDDHISOFT is looking to hire a permanent, full-time Software Application Developer. Candidates must have strong application development experience and broad exposure to web application technologies (ASP.NET). In addition, academic exposure to object oriented technologies is required and practical experience implementing object oriented systems is a benefit.

Candidates should excel in a self-directed dynamic environment and be able to demonstrate strong problem solving skills. The ability to isolate issues with strong debugging skills is highly valued.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate understanding of enterprise project issues, knowledge of multi-tier architecture and be able to communicate principles of sound architecture and design.

Must Have Skills


College kids are graduating with Java programming skills that were once coveted, and the subsequent influx of developers is depressing the salaries of those who were once in high income positions. The current job market is starting to look at traditional Java EE development skills as being stale. So what does an enterprise Java developer, who lived through the evolution from Servlets to Struts and to Spring, have to do to keep current? Jan Stafford and TheServerSide are taking a look at what Java professionals are doing to keep themselves relevant, with a focus on what keys skills that leverage cloud computing and mobile development are most useful. Where should an enterprise Java professional focus when they want to make themselves relevant and start commanding interest from placement agencies and land those high-dollar contracts that were so prevalent in years past? What career changes are the smart enterprise developers making, and how are the corporate leaders in the IT space driving these changes forward?